The SAT spends 160,000 million pesos to contain the rise in gasoline

The SAT spends 160,000 million pesos to contain the rise in gasoline

Raquel Buenrostro, head of the Tax Administration Service (SAT), explained this Monday in a morning conference that these supports have been able to keep Mexico with an inflation rate of 7.65% as of May, which is lower than the United States; 8.58%.

“The efforts of this government to prevent people from having inflation in their basic basket is 160,000 million dollars,” he said.

Within the framework of the 25th anniversary of the fiscal authority in the country, Buenrostro explained that the measures to make tax collection more efficient have contributed to the population with fewer resources, and the one most affected by inflation, continuing to receive transfers by priority social programs, such as pensions for older adults and Youth Writing the Future.

“The resources of priority programs were maintained, young people and older adults maintained their income level for their subsistence, regardless of the crisis, consumption remained linear and constant in consumer and department stores,” said the head of the SAT.

The federal official added that work has been done to exploit and analyze information from economic sectors and corporate groups, identifying patterns of tax avoidance and fraud, as well as invoice companies.

“We have less and less dependence on third parties, we have worked hard on digital sovereignty because much of the SAT information was provided by third parties… this has led to savings of more than 2,000 million pesos (mdp), which have been used to strengthen technologies”, highlighted Buenrostro.

The head of the SAT stressed that in the unit she is in charge of, she will not tolerate acts of corruption: “for an act of corruption there are two parties and we go over both parties.”

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