Johnson knew of any “accusation” of inappropriate behavior by Pincher when he named him deputy spokesman ‘tory’

Johnson knew of any "accusation" of inappropriate behavior by Pincher when he named him deputy spokesman 'tory'

July 4. () –

10 Downing Street admitted on Monday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson “was aware of some accusations and reports in the press” about Chris Pincher’s inappropriate behavior when he appointed him deputy head of voting discipline in February. conservative parliamentary group.

Downing Street has pointed out that while Johnson was aware of some of these allegations, whether or not they were resolved or led to a formal complaint, there was no barrier to betting on Pincher, who left office last week after it was revealed he groped Two men at a party.

Thus, according to his spokesman, the prime minister “was not aware of any specific accusation that was being analyzed”, but he was “of the media reports that others had seen over the years and of some complaints that were resolved or did not proceed to a formal complaint”.

In that sense, he explained, Johnson was advised on how to deal with this situation, but since there was no formal complaint about what happened, “it was considered that it was not appropriate to suspend someone simply for baseless accusations.”

This same source maintains that at the time of this new appointment, Pincher had already served as Minister of Housing since February 2020, which would mean that there was insufficient evidence to prevent him from continuing to serve in the Johnson Government.

After it became known that he had gone too far with two men at a party, last week Pincher came out to recognize him and justified it by claiming that he “drank too much” that night at the Carlton Club in London, in which deputies and supporters held a meeting with a conservative Cypriot association.

“He had gone beyond the limits when he should have been socializing”, “he was slurring his words, saying nonsense”, or “he was incredibly drunk”, are some of the assessments of Pincher’s behavior that night that a Conservative MP offered to the media.

The Pincher case is not the first of these characteristics that both Johnson and a Conservative Party have to deal with, which have been accumulating in recent times sexual scandals

In mid-May, a Conservative MP, whose identity has not been revealed, was arrested on suspicion of alleged rape and sexual assault between 2002 and 2009, but was later released on bail without charge. while investigations continue.

Shortly before him, MP Neil Parish resigned after it was revealed that he was consuming pornography from his mobile phone while in the House of Commons. Conservative David Warburton is also under investigation after he was accused of sexual harassment by three women, as well as using cocaine in Westminster.

In mid-April, the Conservative Party also expelled MP Imran Ahmad Khan from its ranks after he was found guilty of sexually assaulting a fifteen-year-old boy in 2008.

All of these cases have occurred while several Conservative MPs have been falsely accusing Labour’s ‘number two’, Angela Rayner, of “distracting” Boris Johnson by opening and closing her legs during House of Representatives control sessions. common. According to a group of ‘Tories’, the leader of the opposition represented the “equivalent, parliamentarian and with underwear” of the Sharon Stone scene in the movie ‘Basic Instinct’.

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