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The PSOE charges Ayuso for the scholarships for private centers and demands that Feijóo be "Useful" supporting the anti-crisis plan

The PSOE attacks Isabel Díaz Ayuso for the scholarships for private centers from which families with incomes of up to 100,000 euros will benefit and takes the opportunity to target Alberto Núñez Feijóo. “What would Mr. Feijóo not do if he were in the central government?”, asked the spokesman, Felipe Sicilia, after criticizing those aids from the Community of Madrid that Pedro Sánchez had also questioned in an institutional act on the Minimum Vital Income . The president has assured that it is about “twisting public policies to promote equality and inclusion.” that should target people in a disadvantaged situation.

Sánchez hopes that the

Sánchez hopes that the “success” in NATO will relaunch the Government although he is preparing for an uncertain economic future

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The PP, however, defends this proposal tooth and nail. The general secretary of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, has assured that it is an initiative that “guarantees that anyone can choose a center.” “Being able to guarantee that everyone who can choose I think it’s the right path,” she said in an interview on Cadena Ser. “It’s a proposal made by a president of the PP and we support them,” she added.

The socialist spokesman has taken advantage of these educational scholarships to continue with the path initiated by the president of placing the PP leader as a politician with “mortgages” and without the autonomous capacity to make decisions due to his dependence on the factual powers. “Do you think it is at the service of the majority or at the service of a few?”, Sicilia asked before pointing out the Ayuso scholarships or the tax cuts “for those who have the most” that are carried out in the communities governed by the PP “weakening the welfare state”.

“To Feijóo, Spain does not need you to be moderate, but useful and responsible”, said the socialist spokesman addressing the head of the opposition, whom he has demanded to be “useful in supporting the government’s measures” and “responsible” in unblocking once and for all bodies such as the General Council of the Judiciary“.

Sicily has reiterated the need to increase military spending and has tried to avoid harsh criticism from United We Can, which has harshly criticized Sánchez’s intentions. “Spending money on weapons at the request of a foreign power instead of investing it in better health, better education and more social protection is not part of the budgets that our country needs,” said the minister and leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra . “It is possible to advance in security without having to forget our welfare state”, said the spokesman.

What he does not want to enter the PSOE is whether these discrepancies suppose a crisis within the coalition. Thus, Silicia has avoided answering the question of whether Belarra’s statements are compatible with continuing to be part of the Government. Nor did Sánchez want to pronounce himself last week in La Sexta and left the answer in the hands of the ministers of the minority partner, although he has warned that airing discrepancies in public is counterproductive.

Despite this noise and warnings, the Socialist spokesman stressed that “the Government is strong” and that this will be verified during the Debate on the State of the Nation that will be held next week.

The PSOE has launched a campaign under the slogan ‘Govern to transform’ that it will carry out on social networks and that it will promote throughout the territories to explain the measures that the Government is implementing. That is one of the problems that Sánchez has detected and to which he attributes the attrition that the polls show and that has already been felt in some electoral results such as Castilla y León or Andalusia. However, Sicily has tried to downplay them by ensuring that they are a “still photo”. “I am convinced that in Genoa they are seeing polls. We are seeing magnificent data on employment, tourism and, yes, there are data that worry us, such as inflation. That is why we govern and apply measures. We are going to continue explaining what the Government is doing”, explained Sicilia, who has described as “speculations” the publications on possible replacements in the socialist leadership.

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