The president of the British Conservative Party resigns after the latest electoral setbacks

The president of the British Conservative Party resigns after the latest electoral setbacks

Johnson says he will stay in office but vows to listen to voter complaints

June 24. (EUROPA PRESS) –

The president of the British Conservative Party, Oliver Dowden, has presented his resignation this Friday after the notorious defeats suffered by the formation in the partial elections this Thursday that the British Prime Minister and Conservative leader, Boris Johnson, has understood as a severe touch of attention although he has also expressed his willingness to continue in office after the last link in a long chain of blows.

The Conservatives have started a Friday of “reflection”, as the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has pointed out, after the defeat to Labor in the Wakefield constituency elections and, above all, the loss of the Devon seat: a catastrophe in which they let a majority of 24,000 votes escape to end up giving the seat to the Liberal Democrats.

“We cannot continue to act as if nothing happened,” Dowden acknowledged in his resignation letter, released through his Twitter account, in which he summed up Thursday’s election as “the latest in a long string of very bad results.” referring also to the party’s resounding defeat in local elections on May 5, when the Conservatives lost almost 400 seats in the district councils.

“Our supporters are upset and disappointed by recent events, sentiments that I share,” he added in the letter.

Johnson, on an official visit to Rwanda, has recognized as “absolutely true” that the party has suffered “hard results in the elections”, which he has blamed on the “difficult moment that voters are going through” due to the rise in prices.

“We have to recognize that more needs to be done, I have to listen to what people are saying and in particular the difficulties they are facing, in particular the cost of living, which for me is problem number one,” he added, in statements collected by Sky News.

Johnson thus insists on his will to continue leading the country despite months of erosion on his figure that reached a culminating moment on Monday of last week, when he circumvented a motion of internal censure from his party, due to the scandal over the parties. in Downing Street during the coronavirus pandemic, knowing the ground his party is losing in the polls.

The latest, carried out by Savanta ComRes and published on Thursday night, extends to eleven points the advantage of the Labor opposition in future general elections in which it would take 150 seats from the Conservatives, including those of the Prime Minister himself or figures as important to the Cabinet as the person in charge for Brexit and prominent adviser to Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The Labor leader, Keir Starmer, has also appeared before the microphones this Friday to applaud the electoral result and savor the good forecasts for new elections. “The Conservative Party has completely imploded. They are out of ideas and out of touch with the reality of this country, and they know it. We are on the right track for a Labor government, which is going to happen no matter what,” he said. declared Starmer.

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