Free Fire: how to improve sensitivity for more headshots in your games

Free Fire: how to improve sensitivity for more headshots in your games

Making headshots or headshots is as fun as it is difficult in the games of any video game. Having practice in this skill is crucial to eliminate the rivals of free fire: If you do, you have more chances to get the Booyah!

The players of free fire they usually slightly drag their thumb up while shooting. This makes it a bit easier to land headshots. However, doing so requires quite a bit of practice.

Now, not everything is pulse or luck in free fire. The correct sensitivity setting for headshots in free fire it is just as important as first aid kits and ammunition.

According to our experience in free fireand from what we have reviewed on specialized websites, the appropriate sensitivity for headshot is as follows:

  • Overall: 80-85
  • Red dot: 75-80
  • 2x range: 55-60
  • 4x Range: 65-60
  • AWM range: 30-35
  • Free view: 65

It is important to note that players should use these settings as a base and modify them according to their device and preferences.

FREE FIRE | Sensitivity

Follow this path to access the sensitivity settings of free fire:

  • Go to the home screen and look for the settings icon (gear).
  • Click to open the menu and look for the sensitivity option.

The general sensitivity setting in free fire covers most of the tunable aspects when it comes to vision in combat. A range of at least 60-80 is recommended.

free fire is a free video game available for Android and iOS mobiles.

FREE FIRE | redemption codes

redemption codes for free fire they are 12-character alphanumeric digits that give players a great opportunity to get special skins and other free items in the Battle Royale.

Check here the redemption codes free fire for March 4.


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