VALORANT Champions Istanbul: what is it, when will it be and everything you need to know

Acend went down in history with his victory in Berlin

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For the second consecutive year, the best teams in VALORANT of the world will seek to become the new world champions. For this, the 16 most powerful squads of the competition are currently preparing to face the biggest challenge of their lives, which will lead them to fight this time in the capital of Turkey.

With the Champions Trophy at stake, Istanbul will host the event that will bring the climax of the 2022 season, in a setting that will bring together thousands of fans from the VW Arena along with millions of spectators from all over the planet.

That is why it is time to enter what will be one of the biggest esports events on the calendar, in which new legends will be born and great epic plays await us: the VALORANT Champions Istanbul.

Since its introduction to the competitive ecosystem, VALORANT became one of the most important and fastest growing titles worldwide. With a massive amount of competitive stops spread across 8 regions, it didn’t take long for their newly created VALORANT Champions Tour to take the international stage by storm.

Due to this, it was necessary to create a flagship event that would close the season in style, and as is the tradition with other Riot Games titles, this company sought to conclude with a massive tournament that would celebrate the best teams in the world. We have seen this for 11 years with the World Championship of League of Legendsand from 2021, with the VALORANT Champions.

With its first edition set in the iconic city of Berlin, VALORANT Champions quickly became one of the biggest esports tournaments to date. By managing to reach almost 1.1 million viewers in its world final, it undoubtedly made very clear the successful panorama that the competitive VALORANT would have for the future.

Now for its 2022 edition, new and well-known squads will try to repeat the feat achieved by Acend last season, by beating Gambit Esports to rise as the first world champions.

Acend went down in history with his victory in Berlin

The only unknown that remains for us is to know which team will be able to achieve such a feat, having to go over both winners of VALORANT Masters, as well as organizations that surprised the world in recent months.

As we mentioned, Istanbul will be in charge of hosting the maximum international tournament of this shooter, receiving each of the participating squads from August 31 to September 18.

With that said, these are the 16 teams that will be looking to make their mark and be crowned world champions of VALORANT:

  • EMEA: FunPlus Phoenix, Fnatic and Team Liquid
  • North America: Optic Gaming, XSET and 100 Thieves
  • Brazil: LOUD and FURIA Esports
  • Latin America: Leviathan and KRÜ Esports
  • Korea: DRX
  • APAC: Paper Rex, XERXIA and BOOM Esports
  • East Asia: EDward Gaming

Unlike the VALORANT Champions Berlin, the champion of the last Masters held in Copenhagen did not qualify directly for the World Cup. Instead, each of the qualifiers earned their ticket to the event by earning the most Circuit Points from their region, or by conquering any of the 6 Last Chance Qualifiers.

With this, the EMEA region will have the same amount of teams as North America, while the Brazil region lost 1 of its direct quotas due to not having the best international performance.

Likewise, due to the achievements obtained by Latin America in 2021, both regions met in the LCQ to define the 2 remaining quotas for this part of the world, with KRÜ Esports making history to have 2 Latin teams in the Champions for the first time.

Eventually, the Southeast Asia region expanded to encompass more Asia-Pacific countries, and China would enter the fray during the East Asia LCQ, where they would end up beating top qualifiers Korea and Japan to make their international debut.

Regarding the format of the tournament, the one used during VALORANT Masters in 2022 will continue to be implemented, with the 16 qualified teams being randomly divided into 4 groups of 4 squads. The first stage of the competition will last from August 31 to September 8.

Here, each of the teams will face their direct rival in a double elimination bracket, through series to the best of 3. The teams that manage to win 2 series in a row will make their way to the playoff phase, while the remaining They must play against each other to survive and advance to the next stage as second place.

The table is set to enjoy the Champions Istanbul
The table is set to enjoy the Champions Istanbul

For the final phase, the 8 qualified teams will face each other in another double elimination bracket with series to the best of 3, except for the final of losers and the grand final that will be disputed to the best of 5.

The teams that have finished first in each group will have to face the second in groups other than their own, so the clashes will be defined once the previous phase is over.

This stage will be broadcast from the VW Arena from September 9 to 18, so a great road awaits those who try to keep the Champions Trophy.

Thanks to the developments regarding the COVID pandemic and the success of VALORANT Masters Copenhagen, the playoff phase of the Champions Istanbul will once again have a live audience, while the group phase will take place online.

Tickets for the playoffs at the VW Arena are on sale now, with prices available from 110 to 132 MXN for the first rounds, and from 164 to 219 MXN for the grand final. You can find more information about these through Billetix.

And for all those who cannot travel to Turkey, you will be able to follow all the action and highlights of this tournament through the official channels of VALORANT Esports. For this edition, there will be broadcasts in more than 15 different languages ​​through platforms such as Twitter Y Youtube.

Additionally, viewers will be able to earn various rewards through drops available during live streams on both platforms. This without forgetting the free pass that will be enabled within the game, which will include objects such as sprays, pendants, and more.

Get multiple rewards by watching the tournament live and playing every day
Get multiple rewards by watching the tournament live and playing every day

VALORANT Champions Istanbul broadcasts will start from August 31 in the early hours of the morning in our region, so prepare a good cup of coffee and provisions to support your favorite team.

VALORANT is available for PC. Follow this link to find more news related to him. On the other hand, here you will find all our coverage on the world of esports.

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