Sony announces an increase in the price of PlayStation 5 for the "high global inflation rates"

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25 Aug. (Portaltic/EP) –

Sony has announced that it will raise the price of its latest console, PlayStation 5 (PS5), in different regions of the world due to the “high rates of global inflation” that affect the economy of these countries.

The company has assured that game consoles will be more expensive in five selected markets Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Canada.

By contrast, PS5 gamers from USA will be able to continue acquiring the console at the same price as today, since this country will be exempt of this rise in rates, according to the company it’s a statement.

This official price increase, which affects both the PS5 Digital Edition and the one that includes Blu-ray support, is already in effect in Europe, the United Kingdom, China, Mexico, Canada and Australia, while in Japan prices will change from next September 15.

In Europe the most advanced edition of the console, with support for physical games, can be purchased for €549.99, that is, 50 euros more than the current price. In contrast, the exclusive cloud gaming edition will go on sale for €449.99 (100 euros more than until now).

The PS5 Ultra HD with Blu-ray slot in member countries of United Kingdom It will be available for £479.99, compared to £389.99 for the standard edition.

In China, the advanced version of the console will cost 4,299 yuan and the digital version will cost 3,499 yuan, while in Japan the first will be priced at 60,478 yen and the simplest will be released for 49,478 yen, with taxes included in both cases.

Sony will also increase the price of the console in Australia up to A$799.95 for the Blu-ray model and A$649.95 for the PS Digital Edition.

Mexico (with 14,999 pesos for the most advanced console and 12,499 pesos for the standard one) and Canada ($649.99 with slot for physical games and $519.99 for cloud titles) close the list of countries and regions that will see PS5 prices increase.

The Japanese company has justified that this increase in recommended prices (RPP, for its acronym in English) has been taken based on the “high rates of global inflation” that are being experienced “all over the world”.

He has also charged that this “hard decision” it is due to “adverse changing trends” that affect consumers and, in turn, “create pressures in many industries”.

Finally, it has indicated that this price increase “it is a necessity” and that his top priority “remains to improve the PS5 supply situation.”

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