Catholics and pro-life activists assist women to prevent abortion

In Indonesia, termination of pregnancy is considered a crime under the penal code. In recent days, the Communication Forum of Life Protectors held a two-day seminar to train counselors, who will work as volunteers. Father Arisanto, of the Commission for the Family of the Episcopal Conference of Indonesia: “Jesus would have done anything to save the lives of others.”

Jakarta () – In recent days a seminar was held on-line about abortion. The event was organized by the Communication Forum of Life Protectors (FKPK) and was attended by dozens of professionals who wish to work as volunteers, advising women who intend to terminate a pregnancy.

Indonesia’s criminal code continues to make abortion a serious crime, with penalties similar to murder charges. However, this does not prevent “underground” abortion practices, explained Angela Abidin, a physician and pro-life activist.

“With the many problems and challenges faced by women with unwanted pregnancies,” said Professor Elisabeth Kristi Poerwandari, “the presence of trained counselors is extremely necessary.”

“There is no need to judge: our presence should help the woman to find the best solution and save the life of the fetus,” added Theresia Indira Shanti, professor of psychology at the University of Indonesia.

“The two-day workshop is important to train all potential volunteers who will have to care for women seeking abortions,” said Felix Gunawan, director of the FKPK.

The organization is made up of mostly Catholic lay activists who are committed to saving the lives of unwanted children. Founded in Jakarta in 1998, the group has over the years intensified coordination among 200 orphanages across Indonesia and encouraged nuns and activists to take in mothers and children.

Ekarini Aryasatini, a gynaecologist, and Theresia Indira Shanti explained to the participants the essential points to approach pregnant women seeking advice or “intervention” in relation to an unwanted pregnancy. Dr. Shanti, for example, used role-play to address interview techniques that can be used with patients.

The seminar is also “part of the commitment of the Indonesian Catholic Church to try to imitate the lifestyle of Jesus, who would do anything to save the lives of others,” said Father Arisanto, of the Family Commission of the Episcopal Conference. from Indonesia. “Not only with teachings, but also with physical and emotional approaches to interact with people from the sincerity of the heart,” said the priest.

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