Kim Jin Pyo, new speaker of the South Korean Parliament

Kim Jin Pyo, new speaker of the South Korean Parliament

July 4. (EUROPA PRESS) –

The South Korean Parliament reached an agreement on Monday to elect Kim Jin Pyo, who has been a deputy five times, as the new president of the country’s National Assembly.

The election comes after the parties promised to put Parliament into operation after more than a month of blockade due to the lack of an agreement between the different political forces.

Thus, Kim Young Joo, of the Democratic Party of Korea (PD), and Chung Jin Suk, of the ruling People’s Power Party (PPP), have been elected as vice presidents of the chamber. The new president has urged the parties to accelerate the negotiations to finalize the formation of the different parliamentary commissions and has highlighted the “urgency” of stabilizing the lives of South Koreans in the face of rising prices.

“The situation is too desperate to leave the matter in the hands of the government alone. To respond to this economic crisis, we must create specific parliamentary commissions,” he clarified, according to the Yonhap news agency.

His election took place after the PD accepted a proposal from the PPP to cooperate in the election of the heads of the different commissions. The leader of the PPP, Kweon Seong Dong, explained that “normalizing the situation in the National Assembly is in the interest of the people, so we must join forces to overcome the difficulties.”

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