AMD Ryzen 7 8745HS with Ryzen AI NPU disabled leaks

AMD Ryzen 7 8745HS with Ryzen AI NPU disabled leaks

It has been filtered out the existence of a processor AMD Ryzen 7 8745HS with the NPU XDNA disabled within the Hawk Point family.

He AMD Ryzen 7 8745HStherefore, it would be an AMD Ryzen 8845HS but without the Ryzen AI NPU activated. This processor would maintain 8 Zen 4 architecture cores at 3.8 GHz with 5 GHz Boost and also the AMD Radon 780M graphics card with RDNA 3 architecture and 12 cores.

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Publication in Weibo

The absence of the NPU shouldn’t affect the processor’s conventional performance, and given that the requirements of Microsoft’s Copilot+PCs are already higher than what these AMD NPUs offer, this processor will possibly claim its place in laptops and miniPCs that are left out of the AI ​​craze.

It remains to be seen whether this assumption AMD Ryzen 7 8745HS is launched on the market, as of today there is no official information so we will have to take its existence with a grain of salt.

AMD’s plans for its AI APUS include the new AMD Ryzen AI 300, with a much more powerful 50 TOPS XDNA2 NPU that easily exceeds Microsoft’s requirements for Copilot+PCs.

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