Xbox Game Pass is getting a price increase; there will be a new tier with no Day 1 releases. What other changes will be made?

Xbox Game Pass will change forever and will increase in price

As anticipated a few moments ago via user reports, Xbox Game Pass will increase in priceHowever, this is a series of important changes by Microsoft Gaming that will mean a higher cost for the subscriber, but also a limitation for new users who want to give the service a try because There will be no premieres on day 1.

Xbox Game Pass will increase its price, remove a tier and launch a new one without any new releases on day 1

Microsoft announced the adjustments it will apply to Xbox Game Pass starting tomorrowJuly 10, 2024. First, the option Xbox Game Pass for Consolethe same one with which the service debuted in 2017, disappears (in fact it is no longer on the official website of the service). This first change will work as follows: users who have the Xbox Game Pass subscription for console and who have automatic renewal will be able to continue enjoying this variant of the servicebut in case that If you deactivate this payment method, you will be left without a subscription and will have to choose one of the available ones.. For the New Xbox Game Pass usersthe “for console” variant will no longer be available.

In this case, Microsoft announced that it will soon launch Xbox Game Pass Standarda variant that will include the service’s catalog as it is until September 2024 and will allow online gaming in exchange for $14.99 USD per month. However, the detail in question is that This level will not have any day 1 premieres and these will only be available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Premium variant.

In this way, the Microsoft Gaming service will remain with the levels Xbox Game Pass Core, Standard, UltimateWith PC Game Passso if you want to have the catalog, online play, cloud play, and day 1 releases, your only option will be Ultimate.

Xbox Game Pass will change forever and will increase in price

What will happen to the other Xbox Game Pass subscription levels?

Now, in terms of price, Microsoft announced that the increase in all Xbox Game Pass tiers will go into effect tomorrow for new userswhile for those who are already subscribers they will apply until September.

In the case of Xbox Game Pass Core the price will remain as is, $169 MXN per month or $1159 MXN per year. As for PC Game Passits price will go from $149 MXN per month to $179 MXN And as anticipated a few moments ago, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will experience a price increase of $249 MXN to $299 MXN monthly. It should be noted that in this Premium variant there will be no changes in content and experience, you will continue to have the definitive experience of the service.

Finally, Microsoft announced that the price increase and changes to Xbox Game Pass are globalAt the same time, he announced that Starting in September of this year, it will only allow users to accumulate up to 13 months of Xbox Game Pass via prepaid cardsalthough it will not affect those who have a greater number of monthly payments prior to the entry into force of these changes.

This way, the Microsoft service will look like this:

  • Xbox Game Pass Core: $169 MXN per month or $1159 MXN per year; online play for multiplayer titles, access to a catalog of more than 25 video games
  • Xbox Game Pass Standard: $14.99 USD per month (price to be defined in Mexico); online play, access to the Xbox Game Pass catalog with no releases on day 1
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: $299 MXN per month; full catalog, day 1 releases, online gaming, cloud gaming via Xbox Cloud, PC Game Pass, EA Play, discounts and promotions
  • PC Game Pass: $179 MXN; service catalog with games available on PC, releases on day 1, EA Play

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