Stock up on months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and save before the price goes up

Get a few months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate before the price goes up

Today, the news hasn’t been good for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, as Microsoft announced a series of changes and price increases that will affect them in one way or another. However, there’s still a chance to sink your teeth into the system, and we’ll tell you how to accumulate months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate before this Premium variant goes up in price.

How to continue with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at the price you know before the increase?

As part of Microsoft’s official announcement of the changes that will be applied globally to its Xbox Game Pass service, a price increase was revealed for the Ultimate level, which in the case of Mexico will go from $249 MXN to $299 MXN per month. For those who already have the subscription, this adjustment will apply until September, for new users it will come into effect starting tomorrow, July 10, when they select this variant of the service.

Get a few months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate before the price goes up

In Mexico and other markets, there was previously a limit of up to 13 months paid in advance via prepaid cards, which will remain unchanged. The detail in question is that you can accumulate those months at the current price, $249 MXN per month, so that the increase does not affect your pocket.

In Amazon Mexico Prepaid cards are on sale with a code that you receive via email and that maintain their price of $249 MXN for 1 month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In this link You can buy as many as you want, but remember that the limit is 13 months, so it’s a good way to save and deal with the impending price increase.

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