XIII Remake Was So Disappointing They’re Redoing It

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You may remember that a remake of the 2003 game debuted in 2020 XIII. Unfortunately, the title fell short in just about every aspect and left a terrible impression on fans of the game and the community in general. Today we know that the game was so bad that the game owners had to remake it to fix it.

In 2019 the French publishing company Microids surprised with the announcement of the remake of XIIIa flat-shading FPS (cel-shading) that debuted at the beginning of the millennium and is based on the first 5 volumes of the Belgian novel of the same name by William Vance and Jean Van Hamme.

Unfortunately before its premiere a delay was announced and that 13th Remake it would not debut until 2020. The good news is that there was no further delay, but the game was a resounding disappointment of art, design and more elements for which the original is fondly remembered.

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Microids prepares remake of the remake of XIII

Naturally, all criticism reached the ears of Microids and, unlike other companies, it did not ignore them, but rather mentioned that it was working on improving the title, although it did not specify its plans. Surprisingly, the French company has just revealed more details about how the remake of XIII.

According to the press release, Microids changed the developer of the project, so it is no longer in the hands of PlayMagic, but in the hands of the French studio Tower Five (Lornsword: Winter Chronicle), which for more than 1 year has worked on improving the title.

The work has not been superficial, but it has been reworked from the art direction to the artificial intelligence, apart from the addition of technical improvements and even online multiplayer for up to 13 players.

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Best of all, all this comprehensive improvement will be included in a free update for existing versions (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC), which will be available from September 13, 2022, 29 months after the original release. Likewise, it was announced that the Nintendo Switch edition, which was delayed indefinitely, will debut on the same date and will benefit from all the improvements of the update.

“We are aware and terribly sorry that the initial release of 13th Remake on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC has not reached the quality standards that players expected. (…) We really wanted to take the time to fix the game and offer game owners 13th Remake a free update that would pay the best possible tribute to the original game we all love,” said Stéphane Longeard, General Manager of Microids.

Below we leave you with the trailer for the Nintendo Switch version, in which you can clearly see the change in art direction compared to the original experience.

Below you can see the original launch trailer so you can compare the art style.

What do you think of the new look of 13th Remake? Tell us in the comments.

XIII is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The Nintendo Switch version, as well as the update that will improve the title, will arrive on September 13. You can find more news related to this title if you visit this page.

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