Former Apple lawyer pleads guilty to insider trading

Former Apple lawyer pleads guilty to insider trading

A fairly serious crime in the business world is insider trading, also known as trade in secrets, and ironically, the latest figure to be found guilty of this has been Apple’s main lawyer, a lawyer who was fired in 2018.

Gene Levoff was subject to Apple’s blackout periods, periods in which something that is generally available to him is prohibited, which in this case is the use of financial information of the company before it has been published for general knowledge.

Geeknetic Former Apple Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading

Initially, he is accused as we read on Gizmodoof 6 charges of exploiting this information, with which he would have obtained about 600,000 dollars, and although Each charge comes with a 20-year prison sentence and a $5 million fine.hopefully these consequences will be somewhat relaxed by having pleaded guilty on your own.

In any case, it is a rather great irony, something that the lawyers who have carried out the investigation of this case have not missed, attaching an email where Levoff himself wrote to Apple employees, in capital letters, that the described behavior was not allowed.

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