“We have to legislate in another way”

"We have to legislate in another way"

The French President, Emmanuel Macronruled out this Wednesday the formation of a government of national unity to face the parliamentary division that arose from last Sunday’s legislative elections and called for coalition or specific pacts to move the country forward.

In a televised address to the nation, Macron recognized the progress of abstention and the “new” division of the legislaturewho deprives his party of an absolute majority to apply his program, but asked for “a broader and clearer majority to act.”

“We have to legislate differently”assured the president, who appealed to “expand” his support through coalitions with the rest of the political forces or with specific support for the laws presented by the Government, according to reports Eph.

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After having received the main parliamentary leaders between Tuesday and this Wednesday, Macron addressed the country before starting a series of international summits, which will keep him away from the political front line for several days.

On his return, he assured, will study how the different parties position themselves against their offer to joinpermanently or punctually, to his parliamentary group to avoid the paralysis of the country.

The different parties represented can “enter into a coalition of Government and action” or “commit to vote some laws”.

“It is up to the political groups to decidewith full transparency, How far are you willing to go”he pointed.

But he ruled out changing the course of the project on which he was re-elected as head of the country last April, despite the fact that two months later his party lost its absolute majority.

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