The masterminds who created the iPhone 15 years ago

The masterminds who created the iPhone 15 years ago

Although the great recognition has gone to the late Steve Jobs, who created Apple, behind the iPhone there is also computer engineer Tony Fadell.

Once the iPod had been received with success, both thinkers began the journey to create one of their most successful products to date.

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In an interview for BBC, Fadell confessed that while the competition, such as Microsoft, tried to reduce the computer to a telephone, from Apple they sought to convert the iPod into something more sophisticated.

In the midst of several prototypes, the company was also developing a touchscreen Mac computer. “They had been working on this in secret. It was the size of a ping pong table. Steve showed it to me and said, ‘I want to take that and put it on an iPod‘” he told the aforementioned outlet.

The engineer warned Jobs that this would take time, money and new infrastructure. In addition to many people working on it at the time. In six months they managed build the artifact.

Fadell had to make a research world tour to meet experts and see telecommunications research labs. However, they encountered a lot of corporate espionage and even theft of their notes.

The keyboard was one of the dilemmas, because they couldn’t decide if they would replicate something in the style of Blackberry, which was leading the cell phone market at that time. However, Jobs was determined to have a full touch screen. Also, he wished that no stylus had to be used, just the finger.

The January 9, 2007 was the launch iPhone official at a Macworld event where Jobs announced his new product and soon people were calling it ‘the Jesus phone,’ he reported. BBC.

Even Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO at the time, derided the device, calling it “not a very good email machine.” However, the same thing had happened with the Blackberry, many made fun of the company.

On June 29, 2007, 15 years ago, it went on sale for a $500 value. Magazine Times he named it “the invention of the year”. The following years, Apple turned its line of mobile phones into the most profitable hardware device.

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Aysmco firm estimates say that Apple has sold over 2 billion iPhones worldwide, as of September 2021, which would position it as the best-selling phone in the history of the world.

Among the best-selling models is the iPhone 12, 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro.


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