Several robotaxis put a city in check for hours

Several robotaxis put a city in check for hours

When autonomous cars can cause major blockages in the great arteries of our cities, as happened recently in San Francisco.

The machines against the man. And it is that autonomous vehicles are the future, but it seems that they will not be the present yet, and although there are more and more organizations that are betting on this type of vehicle for projects such as taxis in large cities, a small mistake can cause traffic closures for hours.

And it is that more than half a dozen robotaxis of the company gm cruise were simultaneously blocked and turned off on a San Francisco street, specifically on Tuesday night, an event that has gone viral on sites like reddit where we can see some snapshots of the event.

This incident obviously caused the traffic to accumulate for hours causing a large traffic jam affecting a multitude of residents of San Francisco. Finally, human employees of the company had to manually move away all the vehicles that had been blocked in the middle of the road.

Specifically, it seems that these autonomous taxis blocked several lanes of a major road in San Francisco for several hours, seeing surreal events for a large part of the users who must not be very happy that the machines have flooded their roads.

A spokesman for the company responsible for the robotaxis told techcrunch that “We had an issue earlier this week that caused some of our vehicles to bunch up. While it has been resolved and no passengers were affected, we apologize to anyone who experienced any inconvenience.”.

Technological companies such as GM Cruise or Tesla are having many problems with autonomous vehicles, in a technology that still does not seem to be common in our cities for a few years, especially if these types of events continue to happen.

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