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The influence of the iPhone, 15 years after its launch

iPhone Xs and Xs Max

‘Today we are going to make history together’. With these words, Steve Jobs heralded the start of a new era for Apple in 2007. The company was on the verge of becoming a mobile phone manufacturer.

(The masterminds who created the iPhone 15 years ago).

The launch of the first smartphone from Apple was a complete success. Magazine Time recognized the iPhone as ‘the invention of the yearthe most profitable device in history that reached the first million units sold in about 70 days, and led the company to be listed at more than three trillion dollars.

With this, the influence it had on the technology and telecommunications industry began to be evident on several fronts. The iPhone inspired the arrival of thousands of smartphones.

Apple opted for a mobile of small size, but with great software, and an interface based on the concept of direct manipulation.

The first device with an LCD touch screen, 320 x 480 pixel resolution, 128 MB RAM memory and three internal storage options: 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB appeared in the world.

(So ​​you could receive a million dollars from Apple).

This smartphone combined the typical calls, voice messages, internet access, email, photos, videos, music and wireless connectivity in a way that had not been done before.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max


The design of the iPhone, and especially the front touch screen without physical keyboardwas the trend that everyone started to imitate at the time.

This not only led Android models to rethink their launches to compete against the new sales leader, but also affected companies such as Motorola, Nokia or Blackberry, which were unable to adapt to these new parameters.

In addition, it made a difference by downloading mobile applications: at the time, you could not install more than 15, today the App Store is one of the most profitable app stores in the world.

With the iPhone, and smartphones inspired by it, computers have lost prominence. The former have become the main tools for information, productivity, communications and leisure.

(WhatsApp data: Now you can transfer it from Android to iPhone).

Telecommunications companies were forced to move from the traditional fixed-line voice business to digital on different devices. In addition, call charges have been reduced, as people now prefer to use free applications, such as WhatsApp and iMessage.

And the film, television, and gaming industry also had to start Expand your distribution methods. The iPhone challenged them by creating a mobile platform that can be used anywhere, anytime.

This influence has led Apple to sell more than a million units daily worldwide.

For Samir Estefan, co-founder of, “the iPhone has been the architect of the mobile revolution“.

“The iPhone is at the same height as the wheel, the printing press, the discovery of penicillin and the internet. It was a pivotal device for economic, social and personal development. And it is only the beginning! What is to come is going to be cooler”Estefan concludes.


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