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The new Gboard is designed for all those who have a folding phone

The new Gboard is designed for all those who have a folding phone

Gboard has just launched one of its biggest improvements at the interface level and it is designed for folding devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Foldable phones are here to stay and this means that many applications, services and features have to be adapted to work properly on these devices. And, it is that, a folding terminal, normally, has much more screen than a conventional smartphone.

To date, this extra screen was quite useless in the different applications and, even, in some situations, what happened is that the interface played against the diagonal of the screen. The best example of this was the Gboard interface, and this keyboard was not yet adapted for folding phones..

Now, finally, Google has taken action on the matter and has released a very interesting update for its keyboard and that is destined directly for folding phones.. The truth is that it is not yet available to all users since it has been seen in the beta version of the Google keyboard application.

Thanks to XDA Developers We have been able to access an image in which the new layout of this keyboard can be seen. From what we can see is that, now, on folding phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 or the OPPO Find N when writing with Gboard, a space will be displayed in the middle of the keyboard.

This space is designed to evenly distribute the letters on one side of the screen and the other, aesthetically it is not very attractive. What happens is that it works quite well since a book-type foldable has a fairly wide screen diagonal and unless you have huge hands, holding it is complicated.

Splitting the keyboard makes it much easier to hold the device when it’s unfolded and type. In addition, thanks to the fact that it has more space, you can see all the shortcuts of the Gboard keyboard, such as the clipboard or the section where the stickers and GIFs are.

Although it is made for folding phones, the truth is that this new interface would be perfectly suitable for any Android terminal that has a large size, such as the tablets launched by manufacturers such as Xiaomi, realme, Samsung or Huawei. It may soon be usable on these devices as well.

We will have to wait to see how this situation progresses and, it is that, what is expected is that it will soon reach the stable version of Gboard and, from then on, it can be used on any type of folding device in book format.

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