The importance of a great national agreement, according to the Mission of the Wise

The importance of a great national agreement, according to the Mission of the Wise

Since 2019, the International Mission of Wise Men proposed to the country, through science and the universalization of education, a great national agreement to lead Colombia towards equity and sustainability.

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We are pleased to learn that this proposal was the central theme of the recent presidential campaign and that the president-elect is committed to transforming Colombia into a knowledge-based, equitable and sustainable society.“said the Mission.

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For them, the proposal for a national agreement and binding regional dialogues coincides with the importance of building human development from communities and regions“, a strategy in which the bioeconomy, preventive health, universal access to digital infrastructure, the creative economy, cultural and natural diversity, and the care of the territory and the waters play fundamental roles.

The International Mission of Wise Men He reiterated that a great national agreement between the political forces and civil society must take place if they want “dependence on the exploitation of non-renewable natural resources that currently binds the country is gradually but solidly replaced by an industrial, agro-industrial and agricultural productive structure based on knowledge and the use of very low carbon footprint energies, and that this process be hand in hand with the construction of an inclusive, sustainable social fabric aimed at peace“.

In addition, the Mission has made proposals regarding the universalization of educationso that in 2042 “Colombians who turn 18 have received an education with comprehensive care between 0 and 5 years, and a secondary education that prepares them for higher education and connects them with the culture of their communities, with the potential of their region and with the borders of science and the arts“.

In 2020 and 2021, the Mission published 10 volumes with the necessary initiatives in different fields for the construction of the knowledge society, and has shared them with very diverse sectors of Colombia.

We think that these volumes, the reflections of the 45 Colombian and foreign experts that make up the Mission and of the academies and numerous organizations that participated in the process, their closeness to the international scientific community and their experience in interacting with society in participatory processes , can serve as a basis for dialogue and especially for the implementation of this transformation“, they stated.


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