The European Union agrees to ban the sale of polluting cars from 2035

The European Union agrees to ban the sale of polluting cars from 2035

June 29. () –

The Environment Ministers of the 27 Member States of the European Union have agreed early this Wednesday that new cars sold in the EU from 2035 must be free of CO2 emissions and, therefore, neutral for the weather.

“The Council has agreed to raise the CO2 emission reduction targets for new cars and vans by 2030 to 55 percent for cars and 50 percent for vans. It has also agreed to introduce a target 100 percent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2035 for new cars and vans,” the ministers announced in a statement.

The compromise on phasing out the sale of new fossil fuel vehicles from 2035 comes after more than 16 hours of negotiations in Luxembourg on climate law proposals.

“The possibility for drivers to recharge their vehicles in all Member States will be guaranteed through the corresponding review of the deployment of an infrastructure of alternative fuels (AFIR, for its acronym in English),” says the statement.

The European Parliament will have to negotiate a final compromise to support a total ban on polluting vehicles from 2035.

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