On the bridge, 500 thousand travelers were mobilized from airports

On the bridge, 500 thousand travelers were mobilized from airports

During the festive bridge of the Sacred Heart, the second in the middle of the mid-year holiday season, the Traffic and Transportation Directorate of the National Police (Ditra) reported the mobilization of 3,706,234 vehicles (toll pass) through the roads of the country, which showed 8% less than in the same period of 2019.

In the case of Cundinamarca, the figure is 1,190,540 vehicles and in Bogotá, 644,266 mobilized cars.

In this festive bridge, the transit authorities imposed 737 subpoenas for driving without respecting the traffic signals andThey found 391 vehicles without the technical-mechanical review up to date.

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Major General Juan Alberto Libreros, director of Transit and Transportation of the National Police, explained that, “on the days of the festive bridge, 46 deaths were recorded on national roads, a figure 66% lower than that of 2019, where there were 135 deceased on this same date.

On the other hand, the Civil Aeronautics reported the mobilization of nearly 500,000 passengers through the country’s air terminals, a figure close to 158,000 traveled to and from international destinations and nearly 342,000 to and from domestic destinations.
For Jair Orlando Fajardo, General Director of Aerocivil, “the coordination between authorities and air operators allowed normal operation at the different airports.”


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