Street Fighter stars in a curious commercial for eye drops in Japan

The characters got the best item

We receive interesting news related to Street Fightersince a curious commercial has just been published in which some characters from the franchise can be seen promoting eye drops on Japanese television.

The characters got the best item

As you surely know, companies in the Asian country continue to take advantage of the best-known video game sagas to make collaborations that help them get customers.

It is because of this that Capcom teamed up with the company Rohto, in charge of producing drops to hydrate the eyes, and is promoting the product in a rather striking way that fans of fighting games will surely like.

Here you can see it:

As you could see, the short commercial allows us to see Ryu and Dhalsim in an animation with retro graphics, who interrupt their fight to get their drops and apply them to their eyes.

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It is worth mentioning that these drops are only available in Japan and their makers claim that they contain ingredients that are effective for the tired eyes of modern people who have “overloaded them with smartphones and computers for a long time”.

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Surely this article will be a good option for all Japanese gamers who spend hours and hours playing, so like Ryu, you better take care of your eyes with similar products.

What did you think of this Capcom collaboration? Tell us in the comments.

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