Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for Elden Ring announced


Bandai Namco and FromSoftware have announced that they are working on an expansion for Elden Ring called Shadow of the Erdtree. If you expect details or a teaser trailerforget it, publisher and developer have only revealed through a message on social networks that an add-on is on the way for what many consider the best game of 2022 as well as one of the RPGs that will go down in history.

“Without light, let us walk a new path together. Shadow of the Erdtree, the next expansion for Elden Ring, is currently in development. We look forward to new adventures in the Midlands.” says the message from the official Eden Ring Twitter account.

The short text is accompanied by a artwork in which we can see a figure on a horse that could be Torrentera, the mount that players have access to during the Elden Ring campaign. Regarding the rider, perhaps it is Miquella, one of the three empyreans, Malenia’s brother and a character that according to the lore should be extremely powerful. Another option is that it is Marika and that the expansion takes us to some past moment in the history of the Middle Lands. Thirdly we have the image of a desolate world, with ghostly apparitions, fog and in the background a dark Erdtree (Golden Tree).

The Shadow of the Erdtree expansion has been announced a few days after Bandai Namco and Fromsoftware have revealed that Elden Ring has managed to sell 20 million copies. This commercial success adds to that of critics and the industry itself, which have named Elden Ring the best game of 2022. After winning the Game of the Year award at The Game Awards 2022 and DICE Awards 2023, the game of role in open world it only remains to win the Choice Awards 2023, the award given by developers.

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam.

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