Riots break out after attack on priest and parishioners in Australia

Riots break out after attack on priest and parishioners in Australia


Apr 15, 2024 18:29 GMT

The clashes began when the Police tried to separate a group of approximately 2,000 people who gathered outside the church where the attack took place.

A mass riot occurred after an unknown will attack this Monday to a bishop with a knife and several parishioners in the Church of Christ the Good Shepherd, located in the town of Wakeley, west of the city of Sydney, reported local media.

According to preliminary reports, the confrontation began when police officers tried to separate a group of around 2,000 people, who gathered outside the religious premises where the attack took place, in order to remove the alleged aggressor. At least two officers were seriously injured during the disturbance and were taken to a medical center.

It was also reported that A crowd gathered at the hospital where the four wounded were taken., including Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, for treatment. The hospital had to be cordoned off by the authorities. Acting Deputy Commissioner of the New South Wales Police, Andrew Holland, declared that protesters had “broken into several houses to get weapons and throw them” at officers.

“They have thrown weapons and objects at the church itself. Obviously they were people who wanted to have access” to the alleged attacker, he added. Finally, authorities indicated that they were “working to restore order” after the confrontation, and noted that they will continue to monitor places of worship throughout the night.

What is known about the attack?

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was celebrating mass when a man dressed in black approached the priest to stab him in the face and body. Three other people, between 20 and 60 years old, were also injured.

The Police detailed that, when the agents arrived at the scene, the alleged aggressor, who was identified as a 15 year old man, had been arrested by the congregation. Likewise, he mentioned that the teenager was arrested and held inside the religious building until it was safe to remove him from there.

Later, the authorities mentioned that the young man was taken to a hospital to treat the injuries to his hand, which are serious. Finally, it was explained that a request has been made to speak with the minor's parents, as part of an investigation to determine the reasons for the attack. According to local media, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel is member of the Assyrian Church of the East, an Orthodox branch of Christianity.

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