Australian Police investigate multiple stabbing in a Sydney church as a “terrorist act”

Australian Police investigate multiple stabbing in a Sydney church as a "terrorist act"

April 16 () –

The Australian Police on Tuesday began an investigation into a “terrorist act” following the multiple stabbings carried out the previous day in a church in the southeast of Sydney, which left four people injured.

At least four people have been injured by a knife attack carried out this Monday in a church in the southeast of Sydney, according to authorities, who have confirmed the arrest of the alleged attacker.

“The 'Strike Force Katrina' unit has been created to investigate the events of last night, the joint anti-terrorism investigation team has given its approval,” said New South Wales Police Chief Karen Webb, according to the network. Australian television ABC.

Webb has also reported that the detained 15-year-old was known to authorities but “has not been on any terrorist watch list,” and is believed to have been acting alone.

Among the injured is the priest who was officiating mass at the time of the attack and “is lucky to be alive,” according to the Police Chief. In addition to the religious, three other people have been treated for stab wounds.

The alleged aggressor has also been to the hospital after being injured in the fingers, although the authorities are not clear if they were the product of his own weapon or in the subsequent fight with the Police.

The incident took place in a church in the town of Wakeley, located on the outskirts of Sydney, during a mass that was being broadcast over the internet. These images in fact show the attack against the priest who led the service, identified as Mar Mari Emmanuel.

On Saturday, six people died in another mass stabbing in a Sydney shopping center, although authorities ruled out that it could be a terrorist attack and identified the attacker, who was shot dead by an officer, as a man with mental problems.

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