Pokémon GO: Community Day experiment disappointed fans

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The June 2022 Community Day was held last Saturday at Pokémon GO as planned and starred the Tosco Pokémon, Deino. Niantic is experimenting with measures that encourage going out on the streets and interacting with the community, but a couple of them rather disappointed at the event.

When Niantic announced Community Day, they also revealed that there would be several bonuses, including one that would make it possible for Deino’s next evolutionary stage, Zweilous, to appear if enough Deino were caught under the effect of the same Lure module.

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A lot of Zweilous appeared on Community day in June Pokémon GO

The appearance of this evolutionary phase of Deino sounded very exotic, because Deino in itself is difficult to see in the wild usually in the game, the Zweilous are even more so. The most viable way to get a Zweilous was by evolving a Deino.

Naturally, the catch bonuses were achieved very soon after the start of Community Day and thus a lot of Zweilous appeared near Pokéstops or Gyms with Bait Modules enabled.

For some, the above might not be a negative, as capturing a Zweilous offers more Candy, plus there was a bonus of double Candy, an increased chance of getting XL Candy (Candy ++), which could be increased even more so if Pinia Berries or Pinap Berries were used.

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Fans complained about the decreased appearance of Deino shiny

The drawback, however, was that it overshadowed what is perhaps the best bonus and for which many participate in the Community Days: the shiny or variocolor Pokémon.

We say this because, although Deino, Zweilous and Hydregon are already available in their shiny version at Pokémon GOonly Deino appeared in his shiny form, so players mainly wanted to catch a Deino and not a Zweilous, since they could then evolve it without problems.

This was especially noticeable in places with a lot of nearby Pokéstops, because if an individual was going to play statically in that place it would be easier to find Zweilous and the Deino would be the rare ones then, which meant that many players did not receive this bonus well, as commented by fans through social networks during the event, as well as streamers specialized in the mobile title, such as Trainer Tips.

In fact, some mention that when a Deino finally appeared among so many Zweilous it was difficult to select it because the Zweilous wouldn’t let it see it.

There is another bonus that did not leave the fans very happy in Pokémon GO

As part of the new measures, Niantic also announced that this Community Day would also debut a new type of exclusive Raids that would only give access to people near a Poképarada.

This bonus would allow the party to continue once Deino’s wild encounter phase was over, as players could face Zweilous in 4-star Raid Singles and if they were victorious they would cause Deino to spawn for an additional 30 minutes.

The idea at first was not to everyone’s liking, as people or friends from other parts of the world could not join remotely. And the event showed why. Some players couldn’t find enough people to raid successfully, that’s how it was with Neludiachannel focused on content from Pokémon GO, that between 2 players could not defeat a Zweilous in time. It is important to mention that the Incursion took place in a part of Alicante, Spain, a place with a good number of inhabitants, which suggests that in more lonely regions there could be people with more problems, unless a group of friends It will be coordinated to make the Incursions. This issue would have been less of an issue if Remote Raid Passes were allowed to be used.

What do you think of the bonuses that Niantic tested? Tell us in the comments.

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