Free Fire: manual to be competitive without Chrono or DJ Alok in July 2022

Free Fire: manual to be competitive without Chrono or DJ Alok in July 2022

Chrono and DJ Alok enjoy excellent popularity in free fire for his abilities. Updates have made both weaker, but they are still preferred by the community. The best thing is that they work for any battle style; however, there are other options that are worthwhile in your next games.

You must first focus on survival. Active characters like K, Dimitri and Wukong, and passive characters like Leon, D-Bee, Luqueta and Jota can be selected to have more chances in the game. Pets Free Fire MAX they also have significant abilities. You can select Mr. Waggor, Spirit Fox and Agent Hop.

Another detail is the landing place on the map of free fire. The corners and sides of each map in Free Fire MAX are places where players are very unlikely to land. Sentosa, Rim Nam Village, Mars Electric and Graveyard are some examples in Bermuda.

Once you land in a safe place, the players of Free Fire MAX they must discover a substantial amount of very useful items, such as gloo walls, grenades, and firearm resources (ammo). Gun accessories should also not be overlooked.

Do not forget the rotation in the safe areas. Players can predict where the safe zone circle will close in order to make early rotations so they don’t get exposed to the storm.

Lastly, the final zones are possibly the most challenging stages. Players should play calm and patient as there are usually a lot of enemies in these areas.

FREE FIRE | Weekly Diary Rewards for June 21-28

  • Wednesday June 22: Negotiation party.
  • Thursday June 23: Magic Roulette.
  • Friday June 24: Revolution Ascension, katana reloading, Diamond Royale.
  • Saturday June 25: Luck Royale with 50% discount, royale weapons, room card discount.
  • Monday June 27: Wheel of luck, emote reload.
  • Tuesday June 28: Mythic Weapons Return, M60 Reload.

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