Meta Verified begins to reach Australia and New Zealand

Meta Verified begins to reach Australia and New Zealand

Meta recently announced a subscription plan very similar to that of Twitter Blue that would allow users to enjoy a handful of improvements for the social network, such as a check mark, greater reach, better phishing protection, access to support and exclusive stickers for $12 per month.

However, during his announcement he was not available, reason why, according to what we read in Tech Crunchit is from today where some users will be able to get on the bandwagon of paying a subscription in exchange for a brand in their profile, but this will not be the case in the United States. Instead, only Australia and New Zealand will be able to enjoy Meta Verified.

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This decision is surprising, considering that Meta is American, although it is true that Twitter Blue is available in the United States and it would be a unnecessary competition having other markets available to explore, so this may be the reason for this display.

Meta Verified works on both Facebook and Instagram, where verification marks already existed, so It will be necessary to see if the same errors will be repeated in the social networks of Mark Zuckerberg, or if, on the contrary, it has learned from the mistakes of its main rival.

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