The Queen League Oysho is born, the women’s soccer league organized by Pique, Ibai, Rivers and more streamers

It seems that soccer organized by streamers is here to stay. After the success of the Kings League Infojobs (which already had the luxury of signing stars like Ronaldinho), now Kosmos will launch its women’s soccer league, which months after starting already has its first sponsor. We are talking about the Queens League Oysho.

In an exciting presentation at the Cupra Arena, it was announced that the 12 franchises born in the Kings League InfoJobs will compete for victory in the women’s league. With a soccer 7 format, the league will start on May 6 and will conclude with a final phase that will start on July 29. The league promises to be a perfect mix of football and entertainment, with dynamic rules that will make each game a unique experience.

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“Today is a great day. We are very excited about the start of the Queens League Oysho and we encourage all the girls who are passionate about soccer to sign up for the draft and come to the sports events. We are looking forward to the start of the competition”, said Gerard Piqué, president of Kosmos.

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In addition, the matches can be followed for free and online through the channels of the streamers who face each other on the official channels of Twitch, YouTube and TikTok of the Queens League Oysho. The competition promises to be an online spectacle that takes advantage of the experience of the content creators responsible for it.

A striking aspect of the Queens League Oysho is that each team will be led by a female president. The presidents of the Kings League InfoJobs with the 12 already existing teams will join the women’s league project, but now with the help of a president who leads the team and shares the matches of each day with her community.

The presidents who will lead the teams are as follows: Gemita will join Ibai Llanos as president of Porcinas FC, one of the most influential streamers in Spain. Noe9977 will be together with DjMaRiiO the president of the Ultimate Móstoles women’s team. Morena Beltrán and Kun Agüero will preside over Kunitas. Mayichi and Iker Casillas will lead 1K. Espe joins Aniquiladoras FC as president with Juan Guarnizo, and Violeta will join Perxitaa to lead the Las Troncas FC team in the Oysho Queens League. Finally, Paula Gonu will chair Jijantas FC with Gerard Romero. For their part, Spursito, TheGrefg, Adri Cotnreras, the Buyer brothers and Rivers will remain at the head of their teams in the men’s and women’s branches.

The Queens League is already a reality
The Queens League is already a reality

How will the Queens League Oysho be played?

Every Saturday it will seek to be a football party in the Queens League Oysho, with a full day of exciting matches that will leave fans breathless. In total, there will be 11 days, each one more intense than the previous one, and 6 consecutive games.

In addition to the talented players chosen in the draft, teams will also have the opportunity to sign 2 more players to bolster their rosters throughout the season. The initial draft will be held on April 16 and players interested in participating you can sign up here.

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Most interestingly, the Queens League Oysho will be synchronized with the Kings League InfoJobs, which means that football fans will be able to enjoy two days of high-quality football every weekend. The matches and schedules will be the same on Saturdays and Sundays, creating a unique and immersive experience for all soccer lovers.

What do you think about the Queens League Oysho? Are you excited for this project? Tell us in the comments.

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