Hogwarts Legacy exceeds more than 12 million copies sold worldwide

Hogwarts Legacy: what happens if I name myself 'Harry Potter', how long is the game and other curiosities

The launch of Hogwarts Legacy It was boycotted because trans rights groups asked that the title not be bought due to JK Rowling’s controversial statements. However, it has become a bestseller on all consoles.

At the moment, the title based on the Harry Potter universe is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC, and sometime in 2023 it is expected to reach the Nintendo Switch console.

As reported by the media , Hogwarts Legacy that in less than a month (it was released on February 10) has managed to exceed 12 million copies sold worldwide. The game would have sold 56% more digital copies in Europe than Elden Ring, one of the most successful games of 2022.

It is estimated that the total collection reaches the impressive figure of 850 million dollars, this includes all the digital versions of the different consoles.

Warner Bros. Games Statement

“We are delighted and proud to see the response of the players to Hogwarts Legacy, both by new players and critics around the world. Our development team at Avalanche delivered an experience of Wizarding World amazing and high quality that truly fulfills a fan’s fantasy of life at Hogwarts and our publishing teams have executed a launch campaign with global impact,” said David Haddad, president of Warner Bros. Games in a recent statement.

The middle reports, in turn, that the video game inspired by Rowling’s books has managed to double the income of the latest film in the “Fantastic Animals” franchise, which did not have the expected impact at the box office.

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