Israel shoots down three Hezbollah drones

Israel shoots down three Hezbollah drones


The Israeli Army has reported this Saturday that it has shot down three drones of the Lebanese party-militia Hezbollah that were supposedly heading towards the Karish gas field, in Mediterranean waters.

One of the drones was shot down by an F-16 fighter and the other two by Barak 8 anti-aircraft missiles launched from a warship, a Saar 5-class corvette, in an area that Lebanon says is disputed, reports ‘The Times of Israel’ ‘.

Tension has increased in recent weeks, after the arrival of Israeli ships to start the extraction. Lebanon has protested these actions, while Israel maintains that it is in the exclusive economic zone recognized by the UN.

This is the first intercept of a drone with Barak 8 missiles launched from an Israeli Navy ship. The devices were intercepted at “a safe distance” from the gas platform.

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