The Palestinian Authority hands over the bullet that killed journalist Abu Aklé to the US

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The Palestinian Authority has reported this Saturday that it has handed over to the United States the bullet that killed Palestinian-American journalist Shirín Abu Aklé for expert examination that may clarify the origin of the shot that killed her.

“Permission has been given for the United States to carry out forensic tests on the bullet that killed the journalist Shirín Abu Aklé. The bullet will not be delivered to Israel,” Palestinian prosecutor Akram al Khatib told the Palestinian press.

Later, Al Khatib himself explained to the Palestinian news agency WAFA that the bullet had been handed over to “American experts who have come for this purpose.”

Until now the Palestinian Authority had refused to hand over the bullet and had asked the Israeli authorities to hand over the Israeli assault rifle from which they suspect the projectile came.

The IDF has emphasized that, at a minimum, the journalist was not deliberately targeted and has condemned as “biased” the numerous independent investigations that the journalist was, in fact, killed by the military.

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