Iris Law ‘Reversed Acne Scarring’ With New Facial Treatment | show news

Iris Law reversed her acne scars with the Kichi Baby Face facial.

The 21-year-old model, whose parents are Sadie Frost and Jude Law, turned to Natasha Clancy, a clinical esthetician and founder of Kichi, for help when landing her recent Versace campaign.

Natasha told him “I have worked with actresses for the Oscars, BAFTAs and Met Galas, and we treat the skin seven days in advance to give it time to resurface and shine to its fullest. I recently helped Iris reverse her acne scars for a Versace campaign, which we accomplished in three Baby Face sessions over six weeks.”

Irish said: “As someone who has struggled to find the right clinic to treat my acne and scars, Kichi was so refreshing. It is a place I can trust to go and receive uncomplicated treatment with real results.”

The Kichi Baby Face facial is popular because it targets dull skin, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, melasma, and acne scars.

Natasha explained: “The reason we can address so many concerns is because the laser creates 0.3mm microchannels in the top layer of skin (or papillary dermis), so the epidermis is not damaged and remains intact. The microchannels remain open for 48 hours, which is when we feed it with a specific serum: tranexamic acid to combat melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation scarring; retinol for active acne and aging; and resveratrol and vitamin C for brightness: 90 percent is absorbed by the skin.”

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