Free Fire: the best pets for your games in July 2022

Mr Waggor |  Free Fire Pet

Start a new month free fire. Players just starting out should be up to date with the changes Garena has made to Battle Royale pets. We tell you which are the best so that your games are worthwhile and you don’t go through any problems in the future.

pets of free fire they are faithful companions that have a specific ability that serves to enhance the user’s style of play. Depending on your tactics, you will be able to identify which is the best option for your games.

FREE FIRE | Pets for July 2022

Mr Waggor has a special ability called “Smooth Gloo”. When the player has no Gloo Walls, they spawn one after 120 seconds and add it to the bag. When it reaches the maximum level, the duration is shortened to 100 seconds and you can create two Gloo walls. Mr. Waggor is among the top 5 pets in Free Fire as of July 2022 and is one of the most used pets as gloo walls are an important component of the game because they provide protection.

Mr Waggor | Free Fire Pet

The ‘Helping Hand’ skill of Beaston Extends the throw range of Grenades, Gloo Wall, Flashbangs, and Smoke Grenades by 10% at base level. This ability basically allows users to throw their utilities at a greater distance than normal. It is the second pet in the list of the top 5 Free Fire pets as of July 2022. At the second and third level, the throw range of grenades, Gloo wall, flashbangs and smoke grenades increases by 20% and 30%, respectively.

Beaston |  Free Fire Pet
Beaston | Free Fire Pet

The special ability of Finn It’s called Dash Splash. It is the latest addition to the game, and at its most basic level, it improves the user’s and their teammates’ movement speed by 4% whenever any player within 20 yards is knocked down or eliminated. Finn is one of the best pets in Free Fire in July 2022. He does not change significantly when upgraded, but the duration of the skill is increased from 2 to 5 seconds.

Finn |  Free Fire Pet
Finn | Free Fire Pet

moony is an alien pet that has the talent “Paranormal Protection”. Initially, it decreases the user’s damage when using medkits, inhalers, repair kits, etc. by 20%. Decreases damage by 25% and 35% at 2nd and 3rd level, respectively. Moony is the fourth pet in the list of the top 5 Free Fire pets as of July 2022, due to her incredible protective ability. Various players use him during team matches, as he benefits both the owner and his teammates.

Moony |  Free Fire Pet
Moony | Free Fire Pet

Zasil is the most recent addition to Free Fire and has a unique ability known as “Extra Luck”. Every time the user uses an inhaler, medkit, or repair kit, they have a 25% chance to receive an extra medkit or inhaler at the start. At the second and third levels, luck increases by up to 33% and 50%, respectively. Last but not least, Zasil is one of the best pets in Free Fire that players can equip in July 2022 for BR mode survival game.

Zazil |  Free Fire Pet
Zazil | Free Fire Pet

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