Facebook Pay is the latest Meta service to get a new name

Facebook Pay is the latest Meta service to get a new name

With the new name of Meta, the mother company of Facebook has been renaming some of its market segments little by littleas has been the case with Oculus, and although the social network Facebook will retain its name, Networks like Instagram also show the new identity of the company.

Now, a new service from the company receives the same treatment, and that is that the metaverse’s digital wallet will rely on what was traditionally called Facebook Pay, which from now on will be referred to as Meta Pay, which is why it is more identified with the metaverse.

Geeknetic Facebook Pay is the latest Meta service to get a new name

In principle, Meta Pay will continue for now without changes in its operation, so it is simply a name change to align its digital payment solution with the general vision of the company.something logical considering the resources he is devoting to the development of the metaverse.

In any caseMark Zuckerberg’s vision of a portfolio in the metaverse is quite far in the future, but it is certainly part of the plans of the creator of Facebook, so users of the metaverse will have to get used to managing their finances in virtual space as well.

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