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You will no longer miss any meeting thanks to group scheduled calls on WhatsApp

You will no longer miss any meeting thanks to group scheduled calls on WhatsApp

One of the great novelties that he received WhatsApp In its time they were the different calls, not only voice calls, but also video calls, and since then they have been one of those features that are being used the most, both in terms of talking with friends and also in work matters.

However, more and more companies are betting on WhatsApp to hold virtual meetings with all their workers, either through calls voice or through video callsbut on many occasions there are people who, due to forgetfulness, do not end up joining these meetings.

And WhatsApp wants to help in this regard, because in their latest update they have shown how scheduled group calls can be made within the application, and it is very simple.

It should be noted that this is a function in preparation for both WhatsApp on Android and on iOSbut the latest beta version for iOS devices already shows what it would look like when programmed.

This is how to schedule a group call on WhatsApp

As you can see in the screenshot provided by wabetainfowe will have a new contextual menu, which presents a programming option where we can choose the day of the week and the corresponding time.

After scheduling this call, which can be voice or video, we can assign it a name and, when the meeting starts, all the participants will be notified.

In this way, once the meeting begins, all its participants will be notified through their WhatsApp application and will be able to join directly through it simply by clicking on the notice.

It is a very interesting feature, since it will allow group members, especially work groups, to organize their meetings and events in advance, making sure that absolutely everyone is aware of the scheduled time for them to join. the meeting as soon as it happens.

This would help reduce the chances of missed calls or people who join this type of meeting very late, since the notice would be executed in real time for all the participants, although we’ll see if the system would notify a few minutes before the completion of the same.

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