Home automation that I didn’t know I needed: an oven with a camera to see how the food is without having to get up

What to look at to buy an oven and make sure it has the technologies of the coming years

The pizza is in the oven. The cheese is already melting, but it’s still missing a bit. You got up to look at how he was going through the glass, when you just heard a goal. Or you do not see that news that interested you. Or you miss a joke from your friends. Getting up every five minutes to check on the food in the oven is standard practice, but it turns out that technology offers a better solution.

This is Samsung’s proposal with its new Bespoke AI Series 7, the first oven with webcam included. It may seem like an addition that no one had asked for, and it probably is, but the truth is that after seeing it live I have been convinced of its usefulness.

It has been during the samsungsummit Europe, the event where the company presents its new devices for this 2023. One of them is precisely the Serie 7 Bespoke AI, a designer oven whose door opens automatically and has double cooking on several levels, but where the most innovative addition is an internal webcam. A camera that allows see how food is cooked live, from your mobile.

It is just as it sounds. The oven has a webcam integrated into the interior area and from the SmartThings application it is possible to see through it. So that? Very simple, to be able to see the cooking point without having to get up from the sofa, the dining room table or whatever we are doing.

Bespoke Series 7 Oven

Samsung Series 7 Bespoke AI

It is true that this is a one-time addition. But you have to understand this new oven as a very premium product, like one of those high-end models that currently has a prohibitive price (above 1,500 euros), but that adds something that we could have in more models in the future.

Who says ovens are boring. We have spent years talking about home automation and that Samsung has dared to incorporate something like this is a good sign. It kind of reminds me of smart self-closing trash cans. Basically it is something that we do not need, but few can deny its usefulness.

webcam oven

There’s the camera, just above the tray.

To verify that it was there, we directly put the head in the oven. Off, of course. And yes, it is simply a central hole, covered by glass. We also saw it in operation, while some cookies were being heated. Clearly, the chamber works without problems even when the oven reaches high temperatures.

With the SmartThings application we see the result, from a small window to a larger one. It must be said that the synchronization has room for improvement in latency, since it is somewhat slow. Even so, a latency of one second does not affect anything to see how the food is going.

App Smarthings

From the SmartThings application it is possible to see the food from the mobile.

Samsung explains that this camera is also used to stream live what happens inside the oven or even take pictures, although in reality the most important function is to AI Pro Cooking, which uses image recognition technology to control food and optimize time. From notifying if it is burning to recognizing 160 different dishes and ingredients.

Despite everything, I prefer the simplest and most practical function. The one to quickly see from the mobile how the food is. For many years I wondered what could be the solution to this small daily movement. Now I know.

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