WWE 2K23 already has a release date and cover star!

WWE 2K23 already has a release date and cover star!

After the pleasant experience that left WWE 2K22the expectation for the future of the franchise took a positive course and the hype for returning to the ring is in full swing and today it finally exploded with the announcement of WWE 2K23the installment for this year that already has a release date and its legend on the cover.

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WWE 2K23 it is a reality and John Cena is the star of this title

2K Sports and Visual Concepts made the official presentation of WWE 2K23a delivery that will debut on March 14 and 17 (depending on the edition purchased) and that this time will have John Cena on the cover and in its Showcase mode, star of the wrestling company who became a legend in the ring and in one of the best-known faces worldwide.

According to official information, WWE 2K23 it will maintain the successful modes of last year’s delivery, such as Showcase where we will follow John Cena’s career and we will be able to relive his most important fights and moments; MyGM where we will take control of a manager of one of the WWE brands to build the most attractive and successful wrestling offer; MyRISE for those looking to create their fighter and take it to the top; Universe where we will have control and freedom to control and play with everything that has to do with WWE and its events this season.

Also, this installment will have the WarGames mode with unbridled madness clashes in 3v3 or 4v4 teams that will face each other in single player or multiplayer.

As in previous installments, WWE 2K23 will have different versions. The Standard edition for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PS5. The Cross-Gen Standard edition that guarantees versions for current and previous generation of consoles; the Deluxe edition with a Bad Bunny pack and extras for competitive online modes, and the Icon edition that will include all of the above plus legendary extras that trace the past of John Cena and other WWE stars.

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