What will be the content of patch v23.50 in Fortnite Chapter 4

What will be the content of patch v23.50 in Fortnite Chapter 4

Everything is getting ready for the next update of Fortnite. The v23.50 patch promises to bring several surprises even if there are only a few days left until the end of Season 1 of Chapter 4. Let’s see what the first patch notes are to get an idea of ​​the upcoming news.

The next update v23.50 will be the last in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. As a result, Epic Games is ready to release a lot of interesting facts.

The most anticipated announcement of the update is the collaboration with Creed III. Considering that the sports drama movie will be released in a few days, adding their characters to Fortnite it certainly makes a lot of sense. At least we will have two skins of what the event will be.

Dataminers advance the content of the update

The arrival of the next package of Fortnite crew. Although the bundle has already been revealed, the items have yet to be added to the platform.

Another change is Epic Games getting rid of the bows. They have been vaulted during the event Most Wantedbut considering that the event ends on Tuesday, the bows might not return.

Additionally, the second page of The Witcher Battle Pass screen will be unlocked with the official release of the v23.50 update. This page contains some additional bonus cosmetics that will be unlockable at the end of the season.

Don’t forget the final part of the questline oathbound with the February 28 update. These missions will grant XP and a free cosmetic item.

Now to finish, Epic Games it may well add new Reality Augments with the final update of the season. Many new augments have been leaked, but the developers haven’t released all of them into the game yet.

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