The Last of Us: the co-creator of Mortal Kombat was excited about the cameo in the series


The moment arrived and finally the series The Last of Us from HBO got to the part where it takes place left behind, recognized DLC of the original game. As in the title, the visit to the shopping center became an adventure for Ellie and Riley and in this case there was also a tribute to the second golden era of the Arcade premises with everything and a cameo of Mortal Kombat IIsomething that his co-creator, Ed Boon, loved.

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The cameo of Mortal Kombat II in The Last of Us ed boon loved it

One of the details that gave something to talk about after the premiere of Episode 7 of The Last of Us it was the incredible cameo of the arcade of Mortal Kombat II with Ellie and Riley playing like old times. The detail did not go unnoticed by the co-creator of the franchise, Ed Boon, who revealed in a publication that he was very excited when he saw the original version of his video game in the hit series.

In this regard, Ed Boon points out that it had been a long time since he had been hooked on a TV series at such a level as has happened with The Last of Us from HBO. Later, he assured that when he saw the arcade of Mortal Kombat II he felt very excited.

On the other hand, the creator celebrated that after the premiere of Episode 7 of The Last of Us the name of Mileena, one of the fighters in Mortal Kombat IIIt became a trend on social networks and it is not for less because Riley showed his talent in the arcade to end the fight as it should, with a Fatality.

Since we talked about Mortal Kombat We remind you that the new installment of the franchise was confirmed by Warner Bros. Discovery and the company assures that it will debut this year as one of the main video games on its list for 2023.

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