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What is the tax mailbox and how it facilitates your income statement

What is the tax mailbox and how it facilitates your income statement

Filing your income tax return doesn’t have to be a headache. To prevent that from happening Dian announced that for the tax collection process A digital transformation has been promoted in which most procedures are carried out through electronic receipts.

In order to improve this process, there are tools such as the Tax mailbox, an instrument similar to email in which invoices issued electronically by a buyer are received.

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“These vouchers facilitate the processes, provide transparency, immediacy and, therefore, all commercial establishments in the country must comply with the regulations established by the entity and have an electronic billing platform that promotes a circular billing scheme”explains Caren Contreras, brand and experience manager at Facturatech.

He mailbox is associated with the tax identification number (NIT) of the buyer, as well as to his email.

Keep in mind that for tax purposes, the buyer must associate these same identifiers to their Single Tax Registry (RUT) in the Dian portal and this will facilitate their income statement when appropriate.

“This allows that, at the moment an invoice is issued in your name, the entity can identify you under your NIT or identification number and carry out the verification and/or verification of said document. In this way, the taxpayer’s income statement will clearly reflect his income and expenses, supported by totally legal invoices and that meet all the requirements required by law ”, adds Contreras.

As reported Facturatech the mailbox has “the ability to analyze and process data to verify the legality of invoices, contrasting in detail the information they must contain, the signatures and certificates that accredit them before the DIAN, and classify them in an orderly manner”

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The mailbox gives the buyer the certainty that the invoice meets the established requirementsis legal and can be used to file your income tax return properly.

The Dian says that although all businessmen, traders and investors would be expected to bill electronically, the current number of compliance with the rule is only 1.2 million.

In this sense, the entity suggests that “Natural persons should demand electronic invoices and also implement the use of a more specific, professional and qualified tax mailbox, to guarantee that the invoices they receive for the purchase of goods or services are legal and meet the established requirements”.

The reality that Contreras outlines is that businessmen are not clear about what to digitize a physical invoice does not imply that this is already an electronic invoice, it really seems that the requirements of a valid invoice are not known.

So, a bill that is legal must be “issued from the platform of a formal technology provider, with a signature and a digital certificate, and having been successfully processed by Dian”.

For this reason, Facturatech, has made a complete tax mailbox available to natural and legal persons.

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