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The extreme weather of the last few weeks has wreaked havoc in Europe

And in other parts of Europe – Spain, Italy and Greece – a heat wave continued causing forest fires and public health alerts.

Three people died in Serbia during a deadly storm that hit the Balkans this week. The storm, which reached Slovenia and then moved to Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia, brought gusty winds and heavy rain. Authorities reported power distribution problems and significant damage.

The storm also caused chaos in Bosnia, with property damage reported in the north of the country.

In Croatia, the storm wreaked havoc in several areas, while authorities were already dealing with the damage left behind by the storm on Wednesday. Several people were injured at a tourist camp on the northern Istrian peninsula.

In Slovenia, authorities warned of possible flash floods. There were also weather warnings in northern Italy, the latest storm hitting Milan late Friday after hitting the Venice region.

And in other parts of Europe, a heat wave continued causing wildfires and public health alerts.

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