What is the cheapest Decathlon electric bicycle and the most expensive?

What is the cheapest Decathlon electric bicycle and the most expensive?

Electric bicycles are slowly gaining ground. That is why today we show you the most expensive and cheapest on the Decathlon website.

Wherever we go, you will surely find a Decathlon store. If we add to this the fact that mobility by bicycle is becoming more and more frequent, we have a great combination, since the quality/price of these stores is more than acceptable.

However, in this article we are going to focus on electricity companies since in the last two years they have gained enormous prominence that is expected to continue growing in the future. Electric scooters kicked off and thanks to them, this type of ecological mobility is triumphing.

There are many electric bikes to buy, of all kinds, from mountain to road to urban. There are folding, walking and similar, ideal to have at home and comfortable to move around all kinds of environments.

In this selection you will find several models of the best Decathlon electric bicycles that they’ve shown capable performance at a very low and also a higher price, so you can compare.

Cheapest: TILT 500 Folding Electric Bike Gray Black

We are facing a perfect electric bicycle for day to day in the city. Its price is €899.99 and it is characterized by its folding capacity in 3.

The TILT 500 E can be stored perfectly in the trunk of the car and can accompany you on your weekday and weekend outings. up to 35 km. It is currently available in 3 colors: black, gold and blue.

It is equipped with a 250W motor for a torque of 26 Nm. In addition, the 24V / 7.8Ah battery is guaranteed for 2 years and has a useful life of 350 to 500 cycles. This folding bike for sale by Decathlon it only weighs 18.6 kg. We leave you the link.

Most Expensive: Shimano 105 Windee Carbon Electric Road Bike Black

We find, on the other hand, the electric bicycle more expensive and exclusive than Decathlon sells in Spain. It is the Windee, a model articulated around a carbon fiber frame that leads it to become the highest priced bicycle on the web: €4,499.99.

Weighing only 15 kg, lThe Windee is available in both road and gravel versions, so we not only have the urban version, but also one that is more adapted to any type of terrain.

Both versions share the most important components in the data sheet. And it is that, both one and the other are equipped with a central electric motor manufactured by the specialist Fazua.

This is limited to the 250 W of maximum power allowed by European regulations for the use of electric bicycles on public roads, and It reaches a maximum speed of 25 km/h, which is also required by the regulations. It offers a range of up to 120 kilometers in a not too demanding use. We leave you the link.

Cheaper models from the rest of the categories

Both show great quality and power, however, we are only facing two categories: folding and gravel road. However, not everything ends here, since the website of Decathlon offers up to 3 more categories, so there is something for everyone.

On the one hand, we have the category electric mountain bikes, in which the cheapest is €1,099.99. It’s about the Rockrider ST 100 with a battery of more than 2 hours and perfectly suitable to start getting around in the mountains.

Second, we have the electric trekking bikes Here we highlight Riverside EBIKE Original 920which currently has an 11% discount and stays at a final price of €899.99.

This is one of the best valued on the web that offers 90 kilometers of electric autonomy and double suspension, with an electric motor, manufactured by Bafang, that yields the maximum 250 W of power.

Finally we find the category electric touring bikesin which the TILT 500 de BTWIN wins gold again in terms of price. And it is that this bike is intended for urban day-to-day, to take a walk in the park, enjoy a small route…

It is an all-in-one, which as we have already indicated above, we can almost store it in any trunk, however small it may be.

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