Ukraine resumes positions as Putin proclaims victory in Lugansk

Ukraine resumes positions as Putin proclaims victory in Lugansk

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This Sunday, the Ukrainian forces withdrew from Lysychansk, allowing Russia to control the entirety of the Lugansk region. “In order to preserve the lives of Ukrainian defenders, a decision has been made to withdraw” from the city, the General Staff of the Ukrainian armed forces announced in a statement. The president, Volodímir Zelenski, affirmed that they will retake control of the territory. Fighting continues in several other regions.

Ukrainian forces took up positions in the east of the country on Monday, preparing for a new phase in the war, after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared victory in the Lugansk region.

Russia continued to attack eastern Ukraine this July 4 and advance its plan to conquer all of Donbass, after taking the strategic city of Lysytchansk, which gave Moscow total control of the Lugansk region.

By video, from Switzerland, at the Lugano Conference dedicated to the reconstruction of Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky declared that rebuilding the country is “the common task of the entire democratic world.”

Here is the most relevant news about the war in Ukraine this Monday:

  • 17:13 (BOG) Swedish Prime Minister, visiting kyiv, calls for more sanctions against Russia

The Swedish Prime Minister, Magdalena Andersson, visited several cities on the outskirts of the capital in kyiv and met with President Volodímir Zelenski. In a joint press conference with the Ukrainian president, Ella Andersson condemned the crimes and the death of civilians and called for Europe to increase its support for Ukraine.

“We are open to new sanctions, without any doubt. Would it be realistic to have them before the summer holidays? I think there are different opinions in the European Union about whether this is the right way to proceed at this time. We are open to the idea.” said the prime minister.

“What I can tell you is that when we become members, we will support NATO’s open door policy,” Andersson also added. The 30 member countries of NATO will begin on Tuesday, July 5, the process of ratifying the accessions of Sweden and Finland.

Zelensky welcomed NATO’s decision to fast-track Sweden’s accession to the alliance. “We support your choice of collective security guarantees and I can say that this decision will considerably expand the security space in Europe,” the Ukrainian leader said.

  • 15:26 (BOG) 750,000 million dollars would be needed to rebuild Ukraine, according to Government

On Monday, the first Ukraine Reconstruction Conference began in Switzerland, during which Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal estimated the cost of Ukraine’s reconstruction at at least $750 billion.

“Who should pay for the reconstruction plan, which is already estimated at $750 billion?” Shmyhal asked, before replying that a “key source” of funding should be the assets of Russia and Russian oligarchs seized, ” estimated between 300,000 and 500,000 million dollars”.

“Then there is the long-term transformation, which encompasses all areas, including the ecological transition and a new military industrial complex,” Shmyhal said.

Present at the conference, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced that the bloc has mobilized 6.2 billion euros in financial support for Ukraine since the start of the war, and promised that there will be more funds of this type.

  • 15:16 (BOG) Ukraine retakes iconic Snake Island

Shortly after Moscow’s victory in Lugansk on Sunday, Ukraine retook Snake Island. This island, which had quickly fallen under Moscow’s control, was finally retaken by the Ukrainians last week after heavy bombardment.

Russia justified this withdrawal indicating “a sign of good will”, having “fulfilled” the “set objectives”. Ukraine responds and said that Moscow was suffering from heavy bombardment.

“The Ukrainian flag has been installed on Snake Island. The military operation has ended and the territory has returned to the jurisdiction” of the country, Natalia Houmeniouk, the spokeswoman for the Southern Defense Forces, told reporters on Monday. .

Snake Island is a small island in the Black Sea, it is a strategic point for Ukraine as it is a good observation base and a place to deploy surface-air defense systems. In addition, it is a strategic point for the export of wheat.

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