“Ukraine can and will win this war”

Zelensky presents Boris Johnson with the Order of Freedom.

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnsonvisited kyiv on Wednesday and met with the president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, to celebrate the country’s independence day.

Johnson has published a photograph together with Zelensky on his official Twitter account and has accompanied it with a message in which he says: “What happens in Ukraine concerns us all. That is why I have come to kyiv today.”.

“That is why the United Kingdom will continue to support our Ukrainian friends. I believe that Ukraine can and will win this war,” he concluded.

Coinciding with his visit, Johnson announced the delivery to Ukraine of an additional package of 2,000 drones and missiles monitoring valued at 54 million pounds (64 million euros). That aid “will allow Ukraine to track and target the invading Russian forces more effectively,” the British chief executive’s official office said in a statement.

As part of his visit to kyiv, the third since the Russian invasion began, Johnson called on the international community to continue to support the Ukrainian government in “defending its sovereignty.”

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“During the last six months, the UK has stood shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainehelping this sovereign country defend itself from a barbaric and illegal invasion,” he said.

congratulatory message

Johnson has congratulated the Ukrainians on the occasion of the thirty-first anniversary of the country’s independence and praised their “patriotism”.

“There is no force on Earth that can overcome the patriotism of 44 million Ukrainians”declared the head of the UK Government in a statement released by Downing Street, his residence and official office.

Johnson, who will be replaced as prime minister in early September by the winner of the Conservative Party primaries, was pleased to “remember that amazing day in 1991 when Ukrainians took to the streets to celebrate that their country had been reborn as sovereign state”.

“Today, Ukraine’s independence is threatened again and its people are fighting with steel and courage to defend their homes and their families, and to preserve their right to determine their own destiny,” he added.

Since the Russian invasion began in February, the UK has delivered to kyiv “more defensive weapons than any other country in Europe, including 7,000 anti-tank missiles,” Johnson said.

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He also stressed that the UK has taken in more than 100,000 Ukrainians fleeing war.

“The day will come when Ukraine will overcome this ordeal and achieve victory and when that time comes, because it will, we in the UK will be even more proud to be friends with Ukraine,” he said.

Zelensky presents Boris Johnson with the Order of Freedom.


On his “final visit” to Ukraine, as his official dispatch describes it, Johnson received the “highest award that can be offered to a foreigner” in that country, the “Order of Liberty”in gratitude for his “unconditional support for the freedom of Ukraine”.

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