Two dead and 21 injured in a shooting at an LGTBIQ+ nightclub in Oslo

Shooting in a nightclub in Oslo.

Two people died and 21 were seriously injured. in a shooting in a nightclub located in the center of Oslo, the police of the Norwegian capital reported early this Saturday.

The crime scene stretched from the London Pub to a nearby street, where the suspect was taken into custody just minutes after the shooting began in the early hours of Saturday, police spokesman Tore Barstad told the Aftenposten newspaper. The London Pub is a popular gay bar and nightclub in central Oslo.

According to Norwegian television NRK, three people have been seriously injured out of 14 who have been treated in various hospitals according to medical sources.

Shooting in a nightclub in Oslo.


“I saw a man arrive with a bag, he took a pistol and started shooting,” reported journalist Olav Roenneberg of the public broadcaster NRK.

“Two people have been confirmed dead in the shooting episode. There are several serious injuries. The police have defined the mission as a PLIVO incident,” the police force wrote in reference to the police action.

It is being investigated as a terrorist attack.

The Oslo police and prosecutor’s office confirmed that they are investigating as a terrorist attack. The attacker is a citizen with a Norwegian passport and of Iranian originknown to the police and against whom charges have now been filed for murder, attempted murder and terrorist act, the head of the investigation, Christian Hatlo, said at a press conference.

The organization of the Gay Pride Day that was to be celebrated today in Oslo has suspended all acts on the recommendation of the policereported in a statement.

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