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Trouble in El Guavio: two units stopped and the energy price would rise

The Guavio

Enel Colombia reported that two units of his El Guavio hydroelectric plant were declared unavailable after not being able to advance the maintenance required in the operation. The company reported that this “represents a risk for the operation of the plant and, therefore, for the safety and reliability of the Colombian electricity system“.

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This center is located in San Pedro Jagua, in Cundinamarca, and take the water from the Guavio river.

The difficulties that have been faced stem from demonstrations that complete 23 days and that have prevented the generating company from doing the proper maintenance.

The community has demonstrated demanding the improvement of roads in the region, which, according to what the inhabitants expressed, have not been maintained for years. These are corridors that connect Palomas – Mámbita – San Pedro de Jagua – Medina and Puente Guavio – Santa María.

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This break in the units implies that 500 megawatts produced will not enter the system. Enel warned that, if the situation continues and other maintenance is not carried out, the same fate could befall two other units of the plant.

It should be remembered that this plant generates 1,260 megawatts, which is 7% of the country’s matrix, so its output could affect reliability.

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Entrance of El Guavio.

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Failure to operate this asset normally implies the postponement of maintenance of other plants that must cover Colombia’s energy security, which in the end translates into higher energy costs.“, the company said in a statement.

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