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Tips to take care of your cell phone battery

Tips to take care of your cell phone battery

In order for users to get the most out of their cell phone battery, the smartphone company Infinix shared four tips for technology lovers.

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Not at 100% charge: Contrary to what was believed in the past, charging the phone to 100% is not necessary. Experts suggest keeping the charge level between 20% and 80% to prolong its lifespan. This myth comes from the days of nickel batteries, which required full charges and discharges to avoid so-called “memory effect”.

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Can the mobile device be used while it is charging?: According to Infinix, although it is common to think that using the cell phone while charging can damage the battery, the reality “is that it does not represent a risk”. However, the company notes that it’s important to note that usage can generate more heat, which can accelerate battery deterioration over the long term.

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Be aware of screen brightness: According to experts, indeed, the brightness of the screen is one of the main consumers of battery in most mobile phones. Infinix recommends reducing the brightness or using the automatic brightness adjustment to significantly extend battery life.

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Finally, check with the apps you use: Some continue to work even after you have closed them, which consumes battery and data. For this reason, Infinix recommends reviewing and managing these apps to greatly improve battery life.


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