The danger of these two Android apps: they spy on 1.5 million users and send their data to China

The danger of these two Android apps: they spy on 1.5 million users and send their data to China

Delete these two Android apps from your mobile device right now – they are sending your information to China without your knowledge.

The Play Store has two Android apps full of malware. These two Android apps have been spying on users for quite some time and sending their data to China. Yes, this is what is happening with these two apps that, at first glance, seem completely harmless and are anything but because of what they do with user data.

Google has removed these apps from the Play Store. Of course, it has done so as a result of the publication of a report in which the dangers of both applications for users are made clear. These two Android apps posed as file managers in order to trick users and go unnoticed on mobile devices.

File Recovery & Data Recovery and File Manager are the two infected Android Apps. If you have them installed on your mobile phone, the best thing you can do is remove them as soon as possible. These two Android apps have been offered as free to lure users into their trap.

Both applications run without the user being aware of it. The developer behind these Android apps is Wang Tom, who is primarily responsible for the fact that both applications integrate functionalities designed to spy on all those users who have decided to install them on their Android mobile phones.

Remove these two apps from Android as soon as possible

Pradeo has been the company responsible for the analysis of these applications. What was found was truly worrisome. Both applications extracted information from different sections such as contacts, emails, social networks, images, videos, audio, locations, device model, internet provider, and much more.

All this data was then sent to a server in the cloud. The information was stored and sent in order to prevent users from doing anything about it. Furthermore, both apps ran automatically without the user accessing them to activate them for the first time since the apps only needed to be installed.

The main problem with these two Android apps is the millions of downloads. Normally an application with malware does not have this amount of downloads, but in this case the figure is surprising. Yes indeed, the investigation fact also indicates that this number may have been emulated by download farms to make apps appear more popular.

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